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Who we are

Zenith Academy North is a school community that it’s characterized by the closeness between the students, their families and the school staff. This bond allows the school to support families in shaping the minds of their children while also allowing for self-discovery and independent thinking. We distinguish ourselves as a school that provides a safe and nurturing environment for all students to grow and to develop into the best version of themselves. This could not be done without our teachers who embody the values of Zenith and that guide our students through a path of knowledge, inquiry and critical thinking.

Our Vision

What does Zenith have to offer?
Zenith is a community centered school where we offer a unique learning experience. Smaller classroom sizes, ESL teachers on staff, and Arabic classes offered.
Why is it different than other schools?
Zenith is a family based school. Family involvement is encouraged and students are known by their name. It is small enough that we take the “It takes a village to educate the children, and the entire staff is that village.” Teachers care beyond their four walls and care about and educate the entire school community.
Why should teachers and students join our school?
We have a passion to teaching and encouraging growth to the whole child. You become a part of a bigger family when you choose to become a part of Zenith. Every teacher’s opinions and ideas are valued and encouraged. The community and growth of the students are what keep us going and bring us back year after year.


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Parent Liason
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Parent Liason

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