Public Hearing on ESSER ARP Funds

A public hearing on ESSER ARP funds will be held at the Zenith Academy High School on Wednesday, June 23 at 3PM. Items to be discussed shall include the following:

  • Transportation
    • Due to the need for social distancing, we have found that the typical district provided transportation services is not able to transport our students. Zenith intends to purchase buses and vans approved to transport students.
  • Access Control/Security
    • To allow for contact tracing, securing the premises from individuals who need to be quarantined, and to safeguard the entry to the facilities, a security and access control system will be sought. This will entail the purchase of cameras at entrances, hallways, and common areas of the schools. The servers can run analytics of who is in the building and what individuals they have come in contact with. The receptionist should be able to remotely allow entry to the entrances of the building. This may include changing the doors and associated hardware for doors to be opened remotely.
  • Playgrounds
    • To let the students get fresh air more often, we intend to expand the playgrounds and provide a cover for them. This will let more students out more often, even when raining or snowing.
  • Safe traffic flow
    • (Only at one of our campuses) the entry and exits only allow for one way traffic. With modifications to the entry and hallways, we can allow for larger groups of students to enter and exit the building and walk past each other while social distancing. The current layout creates bottlenecks – that although passes OBC requirements – hurts proper pedestrian traffic control within the buildings.
  • HVAC
    • We need to install air purifiers and improve the airflow and ventilation to each classroom and common space.
  • Extension of educational spaces
    • Our existing gymnasiums, labs and classrooms may be too small for effective social distancing. With proper planning and construction, we can allow for more students to be educated safely.
  • Improvement on Network Infrastructure
    • To handle an increased need for video conferencing by staff and students, we will need to improve the network infrastructure.
  • Cleaning/Washing/Drying

The following is a draft of the School’s plan and it is being made available in an effort to obtain pubic input on the proposed strategies and whether any revisions to the plan are appropriate.